Arctos Contracts

Payment for Arctos services is done through a contract with Rauthiflor LLC, which then subcontracts with Arctos programmer Dusty McDonald.

Rauthiflor LLC
Attn: John Wieczorek
3622 33rd Ave W
Seattle, WA  98199
(224) 208-8267
Email: rauthiflor [at]
Employer ID Number: 82-0597258

Each institution will have its own process for administering these contracts. However, the general steps are as follows:

  1. Arctos will contact each institution annually, at the start of their fiscal year, with costs owed for maintainance and support services for that year (see financial contributions).
  2. Rauthiflor will provide a quote for payment of services that covers the annual financial contributions. Separate quotes will be provided for specific tasks (e.g., grant-funded) that are beyond the scope of these annual services.
  3. The institution will work with their administration to generate the Purchase Order (PO) payable to Rauthiflor. Institutions may require one or more of the following – or additional – documents to generate the PO:
    • Scope of Work – to be provided by institution if required
    • Sole Source Justification – to be provided by institution if required
    • Certificate of Liability Insurance – to be provided by Rauthiflor upon request
    • Conflict of Interest form – to be submitted by Rauthiflor if provided with form
  4. Rauthiflor will use the PO to provide an invoice for Arctos services. Some institutions may require the work to be completed prior to payment of the PO. Rauthiflor will submit the invoice for payment at least one month prior to the end of the fiscal year, unless otherwise requested by the institution.
  5. Once Rauthiflor receives payment, the funds (minus a 5% administration fee) will be used to pay Dusty McDonald for Arctos maintainance and support services.

For help or questions, contact the Arctos Treasurer.


  1. Scope of Work
  2. Sole Source Justification