Costs of Joining

Arctos has a modest annual operating cost of $140,000-$150,000 that is shared by members of the Arctos consortium. This covers the following expenses:

  • Support for the Arctos Programmer (100% time). The Arctos Database Administrator (25% time) is supported currently through an agreement between the Berkeley Natural History Museums and Department of the Information Services and Technology, University of California.
  • Arctos hosting at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, including all hardware, backup, and security needs.
  • Miscellaneous expenses, including Arctos-related travel as needed, hardware or software upgrades as needed, and domain name and web hosting fees.

The costs for joining Arctos include a one-time fee for data migration and a contribution each year to the annual operating costs. Arctos’s infrastructure is highly scalable, and the addition of new collections reduces the cost per participant.

The annual contribution is based on an institutional subscription fee plus a $0.02 per specimen cost. Collections may apply for a fee reduction (see form), with the understanding that they will work to get funds to cover the cost. Subscription fees are tiered according to the total number of specimens across all collections in the institution (# specimens are counted as of 1 July for institutions that are on a July-June fiscal year, and as of 1 January for institutions that are on a calendar fiscal year):

Number of Records Subscription Fee
< 2000 $100
2,000 – 10,000 $250
10,000 – 50,000 $500
50,000 – 100,000 $1000
> 100,000 $3000

An additional 5% fee is charged for administration of institutional contracts.

Payment for Arctos services is done through a contract with Rauthiflor LLC – view steps in creating a contract.

Examples that illustrate how costs would be calculated for institutions with small, medium, and large collections:

Example 1: Institution has 5 collections with a total of 1,282 specimens.
Subscription fee = $100
Per specimen cost = $26 (1282 * 0.02)
Annual cost = $126
5% admin. fee = $6
Total Annual Cost = $132

Example 2: Institution has 1 collection with a total of 62,702 specimens.
Subscription fee = $1000
Per specimen cost = $1,254 (62702 * 0.02)
Annual cost = $2,254
5% admin. fee = $113
Total Annual Cost = $2,367

Example 3: Institution has 17 collections with a total of 1,179,006 specimens.
Subscription fee = $3,000
Per specimen cost = $23,580 (1,179,006 * 0.02)
Annual cost = $26,580
5% admin. fee = $1,329
Total Annual Cost = $27,909

This online Excel Calculator can give you an estimate of potential annual costs based on these models and will be renewed in June 2018.

New Developments

Arctos is a dynamic and comprehensive informatics tool that is continually adding new features for querying, managing, and integrating diverse kinds of specimen-related data, ranging from more traditional kinds of museum data to genomic and isotopic data generated from specimens. Requests for major new developments in Arctos (major enhancements to existing features, completely innovative features) require external funding. Such developments are typically driven by grant proposals submitted by individual or multiple participating institutions that have consulted with the Arctos Working Group. To ensure appropriate development, institutions that submit proposals with funding for new Arctos developments must obtain a letter of support from the Chair of the Arctos Steering Committee.