Learn Arctos

Whether you are a museum curator, researcher, student, or educator, there are a number of resources that can help with learning how to navigate Arctos. We are continuing to add to these resources to help make the Arctos learning experience easier.

General Resources

  • Quick Tour – Check out basic Arctos features for searching, viewing, mapping, and managing data.
  • Arctos Handbook  – The Arctos Handbook provides detailed documentation, how-to guides, and resources for Arctos data managers. This is a work in progress, and feedback and contributions are always welcome.
  • Presentations – Powerpoint presentations about Arctos that have been given at professional and community meetings.
  • Webinars – A series of online presentations aimed at anyone interested in learning more about Arctos.
  • Arctos Channel – YouTube video tutorials about Arctos
  • Arctos Poster: Available here as a PDF for printing at your home institution. Informative and beautiful, we traveled to several conferences sharing Arctos around the country!
Arctos Traveling Poster 2019

Traveling Arctos Poster 2019 – primary graphic work by Emily Braker

Educational Resources

Professor Joe Cook showing students the mammal collection at the Museum of Southwestern Biology