Arctos hosts regular webinars on various topics. All webinars are scheduled for 1 PM MT/3 PM Eastern on the dates listed below. Zoom room links can be found on the Arctos Calendar and are also circulated in an announcement on the NHCOLL-L and iDigBio-L listservs one week in advance of webinars.

See the Playlist: YouTube Playlist

If you have ideas for other webinars that you would like to see, let us know.

Latest webinar! Arctos UI Tour: What’s New?


Dive into Arctos with Arctos-led webinars on topics you care about!
2023-02-1444 – Arctos UI Tour: What's NewYouTube
2022-12-1443 – Label & Reports Tool Office HoursYouTube
2022-10-1142 – Introduction to Managing Archives in ArctosYouTube
2022-09-2841 – Arctos: A Collaborative Scalable Collection Management SystemYouTube
2022-09-0640 – GloBI ♥ Arctos: a practical exploration of biotic association records across platforms, collections and institutionsYouTube
2022-05-1039 – Managing Parasite, Pathogen, and Host Data in ArctosYouTube
2022-04-1238 – Into to Bionomia (external web service for Agent data)YouTube
2022-03-0837 – Arctos Menu Tour: How to Manage Collection and the New Data Entry formYouTube
2021-10-0936 – University of Alaska Herbarium (ALA): Documenting Alaska’s flora at the crossroads of BeringiaYouTube
2021-09-2235 – We’re in this together: Arctos Community and the Shared Data EcosystemYouTube
2021-09-1434 – Introduction to Arctos for Ichthyology CollectionsYouTube
2021-07-2733 – Managing Genomic Resources in ArctosYouTube
2021-04-1332 – Arctos Open Office Hours IVYouTube
2021-03-0931 – Introduction to Arctos for Paleontology CollectionsYouTube
2021-01-1230 – Introduction to Arctos for Herpetology CollectionsYouTube
2020-12-0829 – Introduction to Arctos for Mammal CollectionsYouTube
2020-11-1028 – Introduction to Arctos for Bird & Egg/Nest CollectionsYouTube
2020-10-1327 – Arctos New Collections OnboardingYouTube
2020-09-0826 – Traveling with Data on the River Arctos: Getting from ArctosDB to global data sharingYouTube
2020-05-2625 – Intro to Non-Insect Invertebrate Collections in ArctosYouTube
2020-04-1424 – Intro to Teaching Collections in ArctosYouTube
2020-02-1223 – Geology in ArctosYouTube
2020-01-0922 – Arctos Open Office Hours IIIYouTube
2019-12-1021 – Introduction to Entomology Collections in ArctosYouTube
2019-11-1220 – Linked Data in the Arctos EcosystemYouTube
2019-10-0819 – Advanced Collection Management Using Arctos: Demonstrating Collections Impact with Arctos Publications and ProjectsYouTube
2019-09-1018 – Arctos Collection Metrics & Data Quality Improvement ToolsYouTube
2019-05-1417 – Using QGIS to view, validate, and clean localities in an accession (click here for more information including a slideshow)YouTube
2019-04-0916 – Arctos for Educators/Aim UpYouTube
2019-03-1215 – Arctos Open Office Hours IIYouTube
2019-02-1214 – Arctos MediaYouTube
2018-12-1113 – Arctos TaxonomyYouTube
2018-11-1312 – Geography Part II: Georeferencing and Best Practices of Locality ManagementYouTube
2018-10-0911 – Geography Part I: How Arctos handles Geographical DataYouTube
2018-06-1210 – Arctos Open Office Hours IYouTube
2018-05-089 – Arctos ReportsYouTube
2018-04-108 – Tissues, Containers, and Object Tracking in ArctosYouTube
2018-03-137 – Introduction to Cultural Collections in ArctosYouTube
2018-02-136 – Data Cleaning Tools for Migrating Data into ArctosYouTube
2018-01-095 – Data Entry and Bulkloading in ArctosYouTube
2017-12-124 – Projects, Publications, and Citations in ArctosYouTube
2017-11-143 – Transactions in Arctos (accessions, loans, permits)YouTube
2017-10-102 – Basic and Advance Searching in ArctosYouTube
2017-09-121 – Introduction to Arctos as a Collection Management System and CommunityYouTube