Arctos is hosting a series of webinars in collaboration with Integrated Digitized Biocollections (iDigBio). All webinars are scheduled for 3 PM Eastern on the dates listed below.

See the Playlist: YouTube Playlist

If you have ideas for other webinars that you would like to see, let us know.

Latest Webinar! Introduction to Entomology Collections in Arctos



Date Title Recording
09/12/2017 1 – Introduction to Arctos as a Collection Management System and Community YouTube
10/10/2017 2 – Basic and Advance Searching in Arctos YouTube
11/14/2017 3 – Transactions in Arctos (accessions, loans, permits) YouTube
12/12/2017 4 – Projects, Publications, and Citations in Arctos YouTube
01/09/2018 5 – Data Entry and Bulkloading in Arctos YouTube
02/13/2018 6 – Data Cleaning Tools for Migrating Data into Arctos YouTube
03/13/2018 7 – Introduction to Cultural Collections in Arctos YouTube
04/10/2018 8 – Tissues, Containers, and Object Tracking in Arctos YouTube
05/08/2018 9 –Reports  YouTube
06/12/2018 10 – Open Office Hours YouTube
10/09/2018 11 – Geography Part I: How Arctos handles Geographical Data YouTube
11/13/2018 12 – Geography Part II: Georeferencing and Best Practices of Locality Management YouTube
12/11/2018 13 – Taxonomy YouTube
02/12/2019 14 – Media YouTube
03/12/2019 15 – Open Office Hours YouTube
04/09/2019 16 – Arctos for Educators/Aim Up YouTube
05/14/2019 17 – Using QGIS to view, validate, and clean localities in an accession (click here for more information including a slideshow) YouTube
09/10/2019 18 – Arctos Collection Metrics & Data Quality Improvement Tools YouTube
10/08/2019 19 – Advanced Collection Management Using Arctos: Demonstrating Collections Impact with Arctos Publications and Projects YouTube
11/13/2019 20 – Linked Data in the Arctos Ecosystem YouTube
12/10/2019 21 – Introduction to Entomology Collections in Arctos YouTube

Proposed topics to be scheduled:

    • Publishing Arctos Records to Data Aggregators
    • Intro to Arctos for Ichthyology
    • Intro to Arctos for Bird and Egg Collections

You might be interested in other webinars presented by iDigBio, especially the Darwin Core Hour Series. Learn more about Darwin Core as a standard for sharing biodiversity data.

Note: Featured image above is of a parasite specimen found in a Snowshoe Hare specimen in the Museum of Southwestern Biology. View Arctos record for detailed information about this parasite and its linked host.