Our Mission:
To connect natural and cultural history collections within a digital ecosystem that promotes high quality data and empowers research, education, and conservation.

Our Vision:
We envision natural and cultural history collections
as a foundation for science-based decision making
to address pressing global challenges.

– Core Values –


Our most valuable asset is the self-governing community of museum professionals, who share expertise to support and shape the Arctos experience.


We strive to rigorously document collections with data that are standardized, discoverable, linked, and secure to enable the broadest usage for science, society, and future generations.


We participate in a globally integrated digital ecosystem to create connections between natural history and cultural institutions, the collections in their care, and broader society.


We recognize that many of our institutions have benefited from colonialism and oppressive traditions. The Arctos community is dedicated to addressing inequities through thoughtful and meaningful action.


As stewards of cultural and natural history collections, our primary responsibility is the legal and ethical management of our digital and physical holdings to ensure their accessibility for the benefit of society.