Calling all Arctos Members to Help Test the New Version of Arctos in Postgres!

A test version of the new version of Arctos is ready for testing.
What is the new version? So glad you asked! Arctos is moving from Oracle to an all-new open-source software stack (Lucee and PostgreSQL). This new version of Arctos will help us add new features and keep Arctos up to date. However, before we can move Arctos to this new platform we need to make sure that the current features will work correctly.So we’re asking Arctos users from all different collection types to help test and troubleshoot the new platform before our official migration. You can find information about the Postgres migration and testing in the GitHub repository issues page.
Not familiar with GitHub? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check out this How To Get Started in GitHub section in the Arctos Handbook.

So test, test, test away! All information on how the test platform handles users and your experience is important and useful.

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