Arctos Welcomes University of Antananarivo Paleontology Collection

Resulting from a long-term research effort lead by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS) Curator David Krause, Ph.D., the University of Antananarivo (UA) is developing a Paleontology research collection focusing on the prehistoric vertebrates of Madagascar, primarily from the Late Cretaceous. The collection contains almost 20,000 specimens, including complete skulls and postcranial skeletons, of some of the best preserved materials of fishes, frogs, turtles, lizards, snacks, crocodyliforms, non-avian dinosaurs, birds, and mammals from the Mesozoic of the southern hemisphere. Under their Collaboration Agreement, the UA will retain all holotypes and one-half of all other specimens collected in this project (the remaining specimens to be housed at the Field Museum of Natural History and the DMNS). In addition to facilitating the construction of facilities to house these specimens in Madagascar, Dr. Krause (and the DMNS) is ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of the associated data and metadata by joining the Arctos community and publishing these data through Arctos. As the buildings are completed and personnel are trained, the management of this collection (physical and digital) will be transferred to UA staff.

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