Arctos API Policy

Access Policy for the Arctos database

Arctos provides several methods of searching, filtering, and accessing its data via browser-based interfaces. We provide that access for our users, members, and the public freely within the Arctos Community Data Policy terms. In some cases, accessing Arctos data may be warranted or desired  by methods other than these interfaces.

Users with justification may request access to Arctos data via web services (API) or non-Arctos developed software programs and software to facilitate use of data. This includes access to the PostgresSQL database or any method that bypasses  the Arctos User Interface and its controls and monitoring inherent with those methods. Arctos allows such use for research, education, curatorial management, or other non-commercial uses.  Access is at the discretion of the Arctos Executive Committee.

We request users who desire such access to write a concise statement of access (no more than 1 page) that includes:

  • Name, institution, position
  • Two means of contact: email, phone, address, etc.
  • Justification (e.g., explain why current Arctos public interface access is insufficient, the nature of anticipated queries, date range for which access is requested, etc.)
  • Method of access (e.g., software or programming language to be used)
  • IP address range for access –( e.g., look up your IP address)
  • Acknowledge that any granted access is read-only and will expire in one year or immediately following the access date range provided above, whichever is shorter. There is no limit on renewal or extension requests but it is the responsibility of the user to make them.
  • By requesting and gaining permission to use of Arctos data, please acknowledge you are agreeing to all terms of the Arctos Community Data Policy. This includes polite use of the API that respects the Arctos web resource, such as not engaging in activities, intentional or not, that degrades web performance. Generally if you are unsure, we prefer an inquiry from you rather then having to send an email asking you to stop.

Please send a 1-page request to: Access Request

A list of granted access justifications are available upon request.