Arctos Data Ownership and Use Policy

The collection records represented in Arctos are the property of the institution that houses them, with all rights reserved. Each collection is responsible for licensing their own data and media. Arctos generally adheres to the following principles for data licensing and use:

  • Data are intended for use in education and research and should not be repackaged, redistributed, or sold in any form without prior written consent from the curator(s) of the collection(s) holding such data. (Note that many queries will return data from across several collections.)
  • Static “snapshots” of Arctos data should be strictly for one-time analyses, and not for redundant descriptive internet publication (i.e., repackaging). We are happy to work with efforts to creatively combine Arctos’s working data in novel applications. Outdated, incomplete, or unattributed copies of data derived from Arctos may not be posted or circulated by any third party.
  • In addition to written permission, users wishing to include Arctos data in publications, reports, websites, or other means of dissemination must acknowledge the provenance of the original data, cite the institutional catalog number(s), and indicate the date that information was accessed. Arctos provides a means for accessing the data, but the individual collections should be acknowledged as the data providers. In internet applications, catalog records should be individually hyperlinked.
  • Arctos media (image, audio, video) may be licensed differently from catalog record data, and users must adhere to the media license if they wish to include media records in publications, reports, websites, or other means of dissemination.
  • Arctos data are secondarily derived from labels, field notes, catalog cards, and other sources; their accuracy is not guaranteed. Citation of Arctos is no substitute for examination of specimens, objects, or original source materials.
  • Arctos’s data providers are not responsible for loss or damages resulting from use of these data.

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