Summer Quarterly Newsletter is out!

Catch up on the latest Arctos Community News and Collection Management Tips!

Published in July, this quarter’s newsletter is really special with new sections on the people behind Arctos and new procedures to get things done and be heard in the community. Here are the headlines:

        • Suggest an Article for the Newsletter!
        • Double Check How You Stay in Contact with Arctos
        • How To Request Code Table Changes in Arctos
        • Changes to Primary and Secondary Identifiers
        • Arctos License and Terms Update
        • Arctos Welcomes the University of Connecticut Biodiversity Research Collections
        • First news section on Arctos People! Find out more about Dusty, the guy all over the Arctos Github Repo
        • Arctos Family Announcements
        • Opportunities to be Treasurer and Membership Manager (open Arctos Officer Positions)

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