ORCIDs and Arctos

by Teresa J. Mayfield-Meyer

ORCID is an alternate address in Arctos. 

What’s an ORCID? ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized. An ORCID is also one of the ways to get your name into to Bloodhound which will use your ORCID or Wikidata entry to claim the natural history specimens you collected or identified, track their use in new science, and help acknowledge your peers, mentors, and organizations (even outside of Arctos). ORCID’s were used in Ozymandias, a 2018 GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge prize-winning project which lets people explore millions of relationships to investigate a particular species, the range of a researcher’s activities or the research output associated with a particular institution. Find out more about ORCID by visiting https://orcid.org/.

If you already have an ORCID, please edit your Arctos Agent record and add it. Don’t have an ORCID? Get one! ORCID is becoming the accepted place for biodiversity data aggregators to suss out agent names. Including your ORCID in your Arctos Agent profile will make you and your work more discoverable.

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